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Eastfield Academy

Eastfield Academy is part of the David Ross Education Trust and is a good and rapidly improving school where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Parent Information

At Eastfield Academy, we believe it is vital to foster close links between home and school.

Parents play an integral part in this process.

The school operates an ‘open door’ policy. Parents are invited to contact the Class Teacher whenever they wish to discuss anything concerning their child and meetings can be arranged over the telephone or by letter at mutually convenient times. Parents and carers also have the opportunity to speak to their children’s class teachers directly when the classroom doors open daily at 8:40 am if they need to pass on important information.

As well as informal visits, parents will have the opportunity to attend the school on two formal evenings to discuss their child’s progress and to view their work. The first consultation is usually held in October. This occasion gives parents and teachers the opportunity to discuss the new year group and the period of ‘settling in’. A second parents’ evening is held in the Spring Term, usually in March. In July the annual written report is sent home and parents are invited into school to look at their child’s work as part of an informal open evening.

Parent Agreements

Soon after your child joins Eastfield Academy, you will be asked to sign the following agreements:

  • Home/School Agreement. This document stipulates the responsibilities of the school, the parents and the child in order to ensure that school is an enjoyable experience and that every child achieves his/her full potential.
  • Internet Agreement. Using the internet is part of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2, though parental consent is required. The internet agreement stipulates the skills the children will learn and the controls that the school has put in place.
  • Locality Agreement. This document gives parental permission for the children to be taken on walks in the locality during the school day. This document covers your child’s time in the school.
  • Photographs Agreement. This form allows photographs of your child to be taken for displays in school and occasionally in the local press.

Paid for After School Club

We run an after school club every school day until 5:30pm. Places cost £6 per child per session and places need to be booked in advance at the school office.

Breakfast Club

Eastfield Academy’s Breakfast Club is open to all school age pupils from 8am each school day. The cost is £2 per child per session and places must be booked in advance at the school office. At breakfast club, pupils can enjoy a healthy breakfast as well as the opportunity to mix and play with friends.

Family & Pastoral Support Worker

The Family & Pastoral Support Worker is based in school to provide both parents and children with additional support, and aims to provide greater access to life opportunities and choices for children and their families.


  • Provide individual consultations, advice, home visits and support in accessing other agencies for parents.
  • Help to organise and run classes and clubs for children and adults.
  • Provide one to one and group support for children. Some examples are self esteem, bereavement, friendships and anger management.
  • Check attendance and provides support in improving children’s attendance and punctuality.

You can contact Gail Brown on 01604 405042 with any questions or concerns you may have.

My Family Coach

We use My Family Coach to help our parents and carers understand their children’s behaviour. My Family Coach is a free website written by behaviour experts with 20 years’ experience working with over 5,000 schools. My Family Coach will support you through the tough times, inspire you with new ideas, and share practical tips to make parenting that little bit easier.

Visit the My Family Coach website

Horizon’s Summer Activity pack

Click to view the Horizon Summer pack

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Read Write Inc & Phonics

EYFS Phonics Video

Year 1 Phonics Video


Eastfield Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people. Providing a safe environment for all our students, staff and visitors is at the upmost importance to us.

Our Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding Team (ID 1016)


Safeguarding Information


  • Please sign in on arrival and collect your visitor’s badge.
  • Please wear the badge at all times to avoid being challenged by staff.
  • Remain with your host at all times unless we have had prior DBS clearance for you.
  • On departure please sign out and return your badge.


General Information 

Fire and  Emergency Evacuation: If the fire alarm sounds, please leave the building immediately by the nearest fire exit and assemble on the school playground.

First Aid: Please ask at reception if you need assistance. 

Accidents and incidents: Please report these to reception. 

Access to the Internet: All users of the school systems and Wi-Fi must comply with the school’s ICT policy. Please ask for details. 

Visitors’ toilets: These are located by the Staff room, near the offices. 

Parking and Disabled Access: Limited parking is available in our car park. Please park with consideration. 


Disclosure by a child

 If a child discloses information about significant harm you should: 

  • Listen
  • Tell the child that you need to tell someone else, you cannot promise confidentiality.
  • Make accurate notes of what has been said by the student and pass this immediately to the designated safeguarding lead.
  • Refrain from asking leading questions 

It is not your responsibility to investigate but to report to the designated safeguarding lead.


Safeguarding Children

As a visitor to our school, either as a contractor, volunteer, supply teacher or someone that has come to work with our children in any capacity, it is important that you are aware of our safeguarding procedures.

  • Please refer to the back page of this leaflet for contact details of our child protection team. Alternatively, please contact reception who can locate them for you.
  • If there is any reason to suspect that a student has suffered from bullying or discrimination, or is likely to suffer significant harm, you must inform the designated safeguarding lead immediately. Our staff will follow the procedures according to the school’s safeguarding policy.


Keeping Everyone Safe

We hope that you have an enjoyable visit to Eastfield academy School. Our main priority is to ensure that everyone who visits is aware of their responsibilities towards making sure all young people are safe. As a visitor remember the following:

  • If you are working in a 1:1 situation with a student, we must have confirmation that all the necessary safeguarding checks have been carried out including an enhanced DBS check.
  • You must not have any physical contact with any student.
  • You must never exchange contact details with a student or arrange to meet them outside of the school environment.
  • The use of cameras and taking photographs is not permitted unless prior permission has been sought.


What is abuse?

Any form of neglect, physical, emotional or sexual mistreatment or lack of care that leads to harm or     injury.  It can happen to any child regardless of their age, gender, race or ability.

What is discrimination?

When  people receive less favourable treatment which cannot be justified. This covers race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, disability, social class, responsibility for other dependants or where the person lives.

What is bullying? 

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behaviour that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.  The     behaviour is repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumours,   attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

Local Safeguarding Authority

We are part of Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Partnership 

Online Safety

Provides the latest information on the sites young people like to visit, mobiles and new technology. It's separated into different age groups: 5-7years, 8-10 and 11-16 years. There is also a 'parent/carer' and 'teacher/trainer' section. It discusses what's good; what's not so good about the internet; about online risks and what you can do about them.

This site contains advice on how to use the internet and new technologies safely and responsibly as well as a range of practical resources, news and events focussing on the safe and responsible use of the internet and new technologies.

A site designed to teach younger children about some of the pitfalls of the internet in a fun-way; using cartoons, quizzes and games.

The Cybersmile Foundation is a multi-award winning anti cyberbullying non-profit making organisation that provides expert help and advice for cyberbullying victims and their families. Founded by parents of children directly affected by cyberbullying, it provides support to those that are bullied online, and changes the behaviour of the bullies themselves, through education.

This charity aims to prevent bullying and child sexual abuse, by working with children and young people aged 6 to 19, concerned parents and grandparents, teachers and carers.

ChildLine is a confidential counselling service for children and young people. They can contact ChildLine about anything - no problem is too big or too small. You can phone ChildLine on 0800 1111, send them an email, have a 1-2-1 chat or send a message to Ask Sam. You can also post messages to the ChildLine message boards or text them.

Find advice on handling social media, screen time and how to use parental controls and privacy settings to keep your children safe online. Take Vodafone’s digital family pledge and help your family set some digital house rules.

N.B Each of the mobile networks including the top 5 e.g. EE, GiffGaff, O2, Sky Mobile, Tesco and Virgin Mobile etc. have their own internet safety pages.

Key information

Our performance against other schools can be found via the Department for Education’s School Performance Table.

KS2 Performance Data - 2018/19

KS2 Results Over Time

Ofsted & Parent View

Our latest Ofsted report can be found here.
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